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Our Mission

What We Stand For

In addition to PassMyTest looking for guest writers, we hire a diverse range of writers, reporters and industry experts to take our portal to new heights. Our digital work environment fosters a community of growth, honest communication, and support. PassMyTest is a new generation of business.

Whom We Look For

Everyone has to start somewhere, and PassMyTest is a great way to start. While we value experienced staff members, we also love nurturing brilliant young minds. 

If you’re passionate about content creation, helping your fellow South Africans, or road safety, you could be a brilliant fit for our team.

What We Value

To discover any current job openings, provide your details below, and someone from the PassMyTest team will contact you soon.

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John mckade

John McKade
PassMyTest Founder

I’m passionate to help people pass their learners tests first time. We need to improve the safety on our roads and this is the foundation to do that. Go through our tests and ensure that you pass your learners first time!