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Why Trust Us?

PassMyTest is a 3rd party, an independent portal for news and educational material related to K53 and driving. It’s our mission to help you prepare for your learner’s license and pass the first time around. Beyond that, we want to help you gain the confidence on the road that’s needed to keep you safe.

Our Editorial Standards

Every post, test, and article produced by PassMyTest is met with the highest editorial standards. Each time we produce content, it’s researched, written, edited and fully-fact checked. We endeavour to deliver accurate and up-to-date information that’s completely objective. Furthermore, we regularly review our content to ensure it aligns with industry shifts.

One-on-One Training

While PassMyTest is a digital information and training portal, we don’t provide one-on-one advice or coaching sessions. By downloading our free tests and browsing our articles, you have a wealth of free information. Contact your local driving school for assistance if you wish to obtain individual coaching.


Links to other sites are set for your convenience and are not representative of any affiliations or deals. All content available is intended for informational purposes only.

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John mckade

John McKade
PassMyTest Founder

I’m passionate to help people pass their learners tests first time. We need to improve the safety on our roads and this is the foundation to do that. Go through our tests and ensure that you pass your learners first time!