Getting A Driver’s Licence In South Africa

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How to make a booking for a driver's licence test

If the South African driver's license expires in the upcoming year then the IDP will likely not be issued for the full period plus restrictions found on the validity period may apply. As the global driving permit serves because an endorsement of the South African driver's license, you needto usually carry your valid South African driver's licenses - and the IDP with you when you're travelling abroad. Alternatively, they can call the manager's office about 011 668 0692 or 083 764 6324.


Also your driving record might additionally be 1 of the factors affecting your insurance rate. Remember to usually bring a license when we drive this is important for when you are caught driving without a license then the consequences which you have to face is more heavy compared to minor traffic violations. Travel Experience cannot matter an IDP to citizens of Botswana, Lesotho plus Swaziland that are in the possession of the valid driver's license issued in the above mentioned reported nations. Citizens of Namibia that are in the possession of a valid Namibian driver's license can contact Travel Experience when they wish to obtain an IDP.