How is a Learner’s License Tested?

A K53 learner’s license test is designed to test your understanding and knowledge of the various road signs and markings, traffic signals, as well as the controls of the vehicle you will be driving, whether it is a motorcycle, car, or heavy goods vehicle.

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The learners license theory test will contain three sets of questions with multiple answer options; you will have to select the correct answer. Some driving license test centres use computers for the test, whereas other centres require you to complete the test using a test paper and pen. When booking your test it is recommended that you enquire whether you will be doing the test on a computer or on paper, so you can be properly prepared.

With the paper and pen test, you will be given a test book of questions and an answer sheet which includes a book and chart with all the road signs, road markings and vehicle controls. The examiner will give instructions on which set of questions to answer, depending on the category of vehicle you will be driving. If you have any doubts or require clarification, you can ask the examiner before you begin the test.

The Pass Mark

Testing Times

The number of questions and pass marks vary from time to time. However, the learners license test normally has 68 questions. These questions are divided into sections as follows:

Rules of the road  There are 30 questions in this category with 22 being the pass mark

Vehicle controls There are 8 questions in this section, the required pass mark is 6

Road signs, road markings and traffic signals  There are 30 questions in this category with a pass mark of 23

It is important to note that the pass marks and the allocation of questions may change from time to time.

Answer the Questions

On Your Marks

Each of the questions will have at least 3 possible correct answers to choose from. It is recommended that you go through the questions carefully to avoid any mistakes by marking the wrong answer.

You are given an hour to complete the test; which is marked while you wait and the results given to you immediately.

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