K53 Test

You will need to apply for and pass the K53 test if you want to get your learners’K53 Test license in South Africa. Having your own learners’ license is a huge step in moving forward in life. The K53 test will cover all road signals, signs, marking and vehicle controls. You will need to understand all of these to be able to pass your K53 test and get your learners’ license. There are three categories of learners’ license in South Africa.

K53 Test – 3 Categories

Code 1

Code 1 is for motorcycles (with or without a sidecar), motorised-tricycle or quadrucycle. To apply for this learners’ license you will have to be 16 years old to apply for this license. The motorcycle engine should not be more that 125cc, if the engine is above 125cc, you will need to be 17 years old before you can apply for a learners’ license in this category.

Code 2

Code 2 is for motor vehicles, including a bus or goods vehicle or a minibus, not exceeding a maximum vehicle mass of 3500kg. You will need to be 17 years or older on the date you take the test.

Code 3

Code 3 is for motor vehicles with a gross vehicle mass exceeding 3500kg. To apply for this K53 test you will need to be 18 years or older on the date you take the test.

Preparing for your K53 Test

Preparing for your K53 test is important. Over 50% of people fail their K53 test the first time. However, with proper preparation you can easily pass the K53 test.

We at SA Learners License know how important it is for you to pass the test and get your license, and that is why we have come up with a unique system that is designed to help you prepare yourself well and pass your test. When you sign up, you will receive access to the practice test papers on our system. These tests have been prepared by a past examiner. So you can be assured that all the questions on our system are the kind of questions you will receive for your actual test. The practice test papers cover all important topics like:

  • Questions on road markings
  • Questions on road signals
  • Complete coverage of all different sections
  • Real questions that you will face during the actual learners test
  • Various quizzes on topics you need to know
  • Questions on road signs
  • Questions on rules of the road
  • Questions on vehicle controls

No Magic Formula for K53 Test

You will need to understand that this system is not a magic formula that once you looked at the test you will pass your actual test. You will actually have to study to be able to pass your K53 test. Customer satisfaction is our goal, and we are here to help you study and pass your K53 test.

Signed Up
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