What You Need To Know To Pass Your K53 Learners Licence First Time

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Before You Take Your Learners Licence

  • A learners licence is mandatory for anyone applying for a driving licence in South Africa.
  • This test involves knowing the basic rules of the road and the controls of the vehicle.
  • Once you pass you will be permitted to drive under the supervision of a licenced driver.

What Are My Chances Of Passing The Learners Licence

Passing is easy if you go about it the right way, but chances are that you are not sure what kind of questions will come your way.

You will also need to make sure that you have learned everything properly so that when you take the exam you will pass.

K53 Learners

Start today and pass your learners licence without any difficulty!

Our Practice Tests

We have put together a couple of tests that will allow you to practice for the real test.

Just buying the book and trying to study for the test is not going to help much, because you really do not know what to expect during your test.

Learners Licence Tests Online

Take A Free Test!

With Our System, You Will Have Access To

  • Real questions that will come up in your exam
  • Complete coverage on all sections
  • Various quizzes covering all sections
  • Questions on road signs
  • Questions on road markings
  • Questions on road signals
  • Rules of the road
  • Controls of the vehicle

You will need to apply for and pass the exam if you want to get your driving licence South Africa. Having your own learners’ licence is a huge step in moving forward in life. The test will cover all road signals, signs, marking and vehicle controls. You will need to understand all of these to be able to pass and get your learners’ licence. There are three categories of learners’ licence in South Africa.

3 Categories

This is for motorcycles, motorised tricycle or quadrucycle not more than 125cc and you should be 16 or older on the date of the test. If the motorcycle engine in above 125cc, you will need to be 17 years or older.

This is for motor vehicles, bus and minibus or goods vehicle up to a maximum vehicle mass of 3500kg. You will need to be 17 years or older on the date of the test.

This is for motor vehicles exceeding a gross vehicle mass of 3500kg. You will need to be 18 years or older to apply for a learners licence in this category.

How To Prepare

Preparing for your test is important. Over 50% of people fail the first time. However, with proper preparation you can easily pass.

We know how important it is for you to pass the test and get your licence, and that is why we have come up with a unique system that is designed to help you prepare yourself well and pass your test.

When you sign up, you will receive access to the practice test papers on our system. These tests have been prepared by a past examiner.

So you can be assured that all the questions on our system are the kind of questions you will receive for your actual test. The practice test papers cover all important topics like:

  • Questions on road markings
  • Questions on road signals
  • Complete coverage of all different sections
  • Real questions that you will face during the actual exam
  • Various quizzes on topics you need to know
  • Questions on road signs
  • Questions on rules of the road
  • Questions on vehicle controls

Applying for your permit is the first step in getting your licence and eventually your drivers. Getting your learners licence is easy if you approach it the right way. The exam will cover a variety of subjects including motor vehicle controls. Preparing well for the test will enable you to pass the test without any difficulty.

Our system is unique in that it covers all the important areas that you need to know before you take your exam. You can buy the book and try to learn everything, but that will not completely prepare you to take the actual test.

Our system will help you understand all the road signs, rules and marking and prepare you to take your test and pass.

K53 Learners Test

Our questions have been prepared by a past examiner, so you can be sure that what you learn with our practice tests will be actually what you could receive during your real test. You can sign up and get immediate access to our practice tests.

The best part about signing up is that you can start learning right from where you are. You will have access to several illustrations and pictures that will help you understand road signs, signals, markings and vehicle controls as well.

You will need to understand that this system is not a magic formula that once you looked at the test you will pass your actual test. You will actually have to study to be able to pass.

Customer satisfaction is our goal, and we are here to help you study and pass your K53 test.

How A Learner Is Tested

A learners licence test is designed to test your understanding and knowledge of the various road signs and markings, traffic signals, as well as the controls of the vehicle you will be driving, whether it is a motorcycle, car, or heavy goods vehicle.

The theory exam will contain three sets of questions with multiple answer options; you will have to select the correct answer.

K53 Driving Test

Some driving licence test centres use computers, whereas other centres require you to complete the test using a test paper and pen. When booking it is recommended that you enquire whether you will be doing the test on a computer or on paper, so you can be properly prepared.

With the paper and pen scenario, you will be given a book of questions and an answer sheet which includes a book and chart with all the road signs, road markings and vehicle controls.

The examiner will give instructions on which set of questions to answer, depending on the category of vehicle you will be driving. If you have any doubts or require clarification, you can ask the examiner before you begin.

The number of questions and pass marks vary from time to time. However, the exam normally has 68 questions. These questions are divided into sections as follows:

  • Rules of the road There are 30 questions in this category with 22 being the pass mark
  • Vehicle controls There are 8 questions in this section, the required pass mark is 6
  • Road signs, road markings and traffic signals There are 30 questions in this category with a pass mark of 23

It is important to note that the pass marks and the allocation of questions may change from time to time.

Each of the questions will have at least 3 possible correct answers to choose from. It is recommended that you go through the questions carefully to avoid any mistakes by marking the wrong answer.

You are given an hour to complete the exam which is marked while you wait and the results given to you immediately.

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John McKade
John McKade

I'm passionate to help people pass their learners tests first time. We need to improve the safety on our roads and this is the foundation to do that. Go through our tests and ensure that you pass your learners first time!

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John mckade

John McKade
PassMyTest Founder

I’m passionate to help people pass their learners tests first time. We need to improve the safety on our roads and this is the foundation to do that. Go through our tests and ensure that you pass your learners first time!