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Learners License

Getting your South African learners license is very important. It will give you the freedom to be able to move out on your own and not having to depend on another person to drive you around. Most people think that getting your learners’ license is very easy, all that you need to do is get the book and then you will be able to pass the test; however, that is not the case.

According to statistics over 50% of people who go for their learners’ test fail the first time. But there is good news; we have created a system that allows you to pass your learners’ license K53 test the very first time. We at SA Learners License can help prepare you for your K53 test so that you can get your license.

Pass Your Learners’ License Test

Everyone wants to pass their learners’ license test the very first time, but in reality that seldom happens. However, with SA Learners License you can change that. We have a proven system which will guarantee that you are well prepared before you take your K53 test. We have put together a couple of tests that will allow you to practice and get acquainted with the kind of questions that you will have to answer for your real test. Our system will prepare you so that when you go for your license test, you will know the answers to all the questions that you might come across.

Learners License Categories

There are three different categories of learners’ license, code 1, code 2 and code 3.

Code 1: This category is for motorcycles (with or without a sidecar), motorised-tricycle or quadrucycle. You will need to be 16 years old to apply for this license if the motorcycle engine is not more that 125cc. If the motorcycle engine is above 125cc, you will need to be 17 years old before you can apply for a learners’ license in this category.

Code 2: This category is for motor vehicles, including a bus or goods vehicle or a minibus. The gross vehicle mass should not exceed 3500kg. You will need to be 17 years old on the date you take the test.

Code 3: This category is for motor vehicles with a gross vehicle mass exceeding 3500kg and you will need to be 18 years old on the date you take the test.

Get Your Learners’ License  

You can find all the information you need to sign up on the website. Once you sign up, you will have access to the K53 tests with which you will be able to practice. The best part is that you will be able to practice the K53 tests online from right where you are. This will give you the opportunity to practice the tests before you actually for your learners’ license test.

At SA Learners License our number 1 priority is customer satisfaction. You can make the most of our resources and we are available to help you if you are struggling with something.

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