What You Must Know for Your Learners License

A K53 Learners License Test

Fully Informed

It is essential to be fully prepared for your learners license test, you want to pass the first time.

There are three elements to obtaining a driving license, namely the learners test, yard test, and road test. The title “K53” refers to a file reference used when “defensive driving” was introduced into the driving test in South Africa. This defensive driving system is now an essential requirement of the driving test. It means that you are fully attentive and always maintain a clear space around your vehicle when driving and also requires that you give advance warning of your intentions to other road users.

Pass First Time

Rules of the Road

Keep Left


You will be tested on your knowledge of the rules of the road which are in place to ensure that traffic flow is regulated, safe and to protect the rights of all road users. The rules of the road also include speed limit restrictions, parking, use of lights and lane discipline. You will need to know all the rules of the road so that you can drive safely without having an accident, causing harm to other road users.

Road Signs, Traffic Signals and Road Markings

Red Means Stop

In preparation for the learners license test, you need know the meaning of the various road signs and markings, and traffic signals and their purpose. Understanding these will determine how you respond to the signs when you are driving and ensure you get to where you want to go.


Vehicle Controls

Expert Use of Indicators

Depending on the license category you are applying for, you need to become familiar with all the vehicle controls. Whether you're applying for a learners license to ride a motorcycle, car, or heavy duty vehicle, you should know how to control the vehicle using the handlebar or steering wheel, gear lever, brakes, accelerator, clutch, lights, indicators, hooter, and mirrors.

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